Design for Manufacturing and Design Evaluation Services

With over 16 years of Mechanical Engineering and design experience and a “hands-on” approach to product design and solution solving, ABC Engineering and Fabrications provides the expertise to design components, systems and products that lend themselves to cost friendly manufacturing. As well, we offer consulting services to help our customers eliminate unnecessary cost, increase efficiency, and become more profitable and successful.


What is DFM?

Design for Manufacturability (also sometimes known as design for manufacturing) is the engineering art of designing products in such a way that they are easy to manufacture. The result is a finished product that could have otherwise been manufactured using many more steps and wasted effort. The basic idea exists in almost all engineering disciplines, but of course, the details differ widely depending on the manufacturing technology and the design team involved. This design practice not only focuses on the design aspect of a part but also on the producibility and the efficiency to deliver product. In simple language it means relative ease to manufacture a product, part or assembly that is marketable and desirable.

Why Use DFM?

Work Smarter...Not Harder! Efficiency is key to profitable & efficient production activities!


Simplicity Lends itself to Robust Successful Designs


DFM Generated Designs Result in Highly Efficient, Cost Effective, Desirable Products
that meet the needs of their Customers.


Below are a few examples of applied DFM executed by ABC Engineering and Fabrications