3-D Computer Aided Design and Drafting

ABC Engineering and Fabrications provides 3-D modeling and CAD services that are “second to none”. We work closely with our customers to take their ideas concepts and “napkin” sketches and capture their concepts to create a professional visible and documented 3-D model and 2-D drawing. ABC Engineering and Fabrications has been involved with 3-D solid modeling since Pro-E version 18. Within this time, we have nearly 12 years of 3-D modeling experience and 1,000s of hours in front of the monitor hours! We have a team proficient with Solidworks, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD, and IntelliCAD. We understand and use surfaces, patches, skeletons, family parts, simplified reps and other higher level 3-D modeling skills. As well, we provide modeling services to create 3-D models from furnished samples and published dimensioned 2-D drawings. This proficient service can save your design team tremendous amounts of time and money by allowing the team to concentrate on the real design concerns without being slowed down by creating models of "off-the-shelf" components. Speedily, we provide exact models that are ready for importation and assembly into larger 3-D design models. Our drafting services thoroughly provide all the information required for parts and assemblies to be machined and fabricated correctly and accurately. We are able to provide all common 3-D file formats including IGES, STEP, PRT, SLDPRT, DOC, DXF, DWG, etc. Normally, our 3-D files drive the design's fabrication activities and the associated drawings are used for reference only; critical dimensions, material, finish, labeling, packaging and tolerancing are specified. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is used where necessary and can be implemented to our customers’ requirement levels. ABC Engineering and Fabrications can meet and exceed all your 3-D Computer Modeled Design and Drafting expectations; “Making Your Concepts a Reality!”


The Concept or "Napkin Sketch"


3-D Modeling Computer Aided Model


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The Deliverable Product
(Sometimes a "One of a Kind" Custom Masterpiece)

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