Mechanical Engineering and Consulting Services

ABC Engineering and Fabrications provides consulting and R&D services that can be traced to the basic and advanced studies of Mechanical Engineering. ABC Engineering and Fabrications is built upon nearly 16 years of problem solving experience within the fields of High Technology Electromechanical and Electronic Packaging, Product Development and Production, Test and Analysis, Vehicle Design, Industrial Manufacturing, and Aerospace Design.

Stress, Fatigue and FEA Analysis and Evaluation

Structual Design (Metalic and Composite Materials)

Failure Analysis of Static and Dynamic Systems

Design and Application of Cycle and Fatigue Tests

Stress, Strain and Yield Testing
Machine Design

Kinetic and Dynamic

Machine Designs

Mechanism Design

Feedback Controls and Automation

Robotic and Mechatronic Design and Integration

Digital Controller Implementation

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and Ladder Logic Programming

Pressure and Temperature Sensors
Flow Meters and Sensors

Implementation of Inductive, Photoelectric, Fiber Optic and Laser Proximity, Motion, Reflective and/or Displacement Sensors

Machine Operator Safety and Fail Safe Designs

Thermal Analysis and Simulation


Conduction, Convection and Radiation Design Services specializing in thermal cooling and management for Electronic Devices and Packages

Vibration and Shock

Elimination and Isolation of Detrimental Vibrations & Kinematic Energy

Drop and Shock Consultation & Protection

Material Science


Corrosion and Galvanic Action Prevention Design and Consulting

Material Selection and Analysis

Fluid Sciences


Pneumatic and Hydraulic Design & Consultation